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4, Chemin de la Vallée,
Campus du Sart-Tilman,
B-4000 Liège,

The Biosys unit is located in the Institute of Botany of the Université de Liège, at the heart of the Sart-Tilman forest. This beautiful campus is just 15 min by car and 25 min by public transportation, from the center of Liège city.

Liège ranks as the third most populous urban area in Belgium, after Brussels and Antwerp [Wikipedia].

Its main train station is just
  • 20 min away from Maastricht (Netherlands), 
  • 30 min from Aachen (Germany), 
  • 60 min from Brussels (Belgium), 
  • 90 min from Lille (France) 
  • 180 min from London (United Kingdom).