Paper accepted by the ICBBS

The conference paper Gene Entity Recognition of Full Text Articles ( Manuel Noll*, Jonathan Lété*, Patrick E. Meyer) has been accepted by the 6th International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedical Science (Singapore, 2017) and been published in the ACM conference proceedings (http://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3121138).Particular thanks and congratulations go to our master student then, Jonathan Lété.

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[Posted on 2:41 PM 03-Oct-2017]


First PhD title granted!

Pau Bellot, successfully defended his PhD Manuscript at UPC in Barcelona (with high marks). His two advisors Prof. Philippe Salembier and Prof. Patrick E. Meyer are very proud of him and thankful to Prof. Frank Emmert-Streib (UTA, Finland), Pierre Geurts (ULg, Belgium) and Veronica Vilaplana (UPC, Spain) for their participation as jury members. Furthermore Dr. Pau Bellot has already obtained a two-year-postdoc-contract in Spain, congrats!

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[Posted on 12:01 PM 10-May-2017]


Paper published in Biodata Mining

Our paper "Study of Meta-Analysis Strategies for Network Inference using Information-Theoretic Approaches" by Ngoc C. Pham, Benjamin Haibe-Kains, Pau Bellot, Gianluca Bontempi and Patrick E. Meyer; the winning paper of BIOKDD-DEXA'16; has been selected to publish by Biodata Mining. The full-text of the paper is now available to access by using the following link: http://rdcu.be/rQGZ

Congrats to all!

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[Posted on 9:36 AM 09-May-2017]


Paper accepted in frontiers

The paper Using a Structural Root System Model to Evaluate and Improve the Accuracy of Root Image Analysis Pipelines ( Guillaume Lobet*1, Iko T. Koevoes*2, Manuel Noll*3, Patrick E. Meyer3, Pierre Tocquin4, Loïc Pagès5, and Claire Périlleux4 ), a joint collaboration of [1] "Institut für Bio-und Geowissenschaften: Agrosphare, Forschungszentrum Jülich, Germany", [2] "Plant Cell Biology, Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands", [3] "BioSys Lab, University of Liège, Belgium", [5] "Centre d’Avignon, INRA, France" and [4] "InBioS-PhytoSYSTEMS, University of Liège, Belgium" has been accepted by frontiers in Plant Science

[Posted on 2:36 PM 28-Mar-2017]



Prof. Meyer just became a proud Associate Professor of the Université de Liège!

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[Posted on 12:05 PM 09-Feb-2017]


First PhD defense in the lab!

On the 8th of May, the first lab' PhD student: Pau Bellot, will attempt to get the prestigious PhD title!! For the journey itself, thumbs up Pau! We wish you a lot of luck for the remaining steps.

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[Posted on 10:35 AM 27-Jan-2017]


Media cover

Our pedagogical project of a new kind of computer room made its way in the ULg News!

--> http://le15ejour.ulg.ac.be/jcms/c_51592/fr/do-it-yourself


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[Posted on 1:37 PM 18-Nov-2016]


'Best Paper Award' of BIOKDD-DEXA'16

Our paper "Study of Meta-Analysis Strategies for Network Inference using Information-Theoretic Approaches" by Ngoc Cam Pham, Benjamin Haibe-Kains, Pau Bellot, Gianluca Bontempi and Patrick E. Meyer has been selected as one of the two winning papers of the BIOKDD-DEXA'16.

Congrats to all!

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[Posted on 1:49 PM 12-Oct-2016]


New paper in BIOKDD'2016

Ngoc Cam Pham published his first peer-reviewed paper as first author in the IEEE proceedings of BIOKDD 2016 (the DEXA Workshop)! It has been a truly international collaboration with authors from Belgium, Canada and Spain.  Congrats to all!

"Study of Meta-Analysis Strategies for Network Inference using Information-Theoretic Approaches"

Ngoc Cam Pham, Benjamin Haibe-Kains, Pau Bellot, Gianluca Bontempi and Patrick E. Meyer

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[Posted on 1:57 PM 13-Sep-2016]


Together with the Eukaryotic Phylogenomics group (ULg) , we organize the upcoming byteMAL conference in Liège

Join Young International Researchers of Bioinformatics

Botanical Institute, University of Liège, BELGIUM
27th September 2016

Find out more...

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[Posted on 4:02 PM 31-Aug-2016]


New publication

A new peer-reviewed paper from our lab will appear in the IEEE proceedings of Alife'15. Congrats Pau!


Study of Normalization and Aggregation Approaches for Consensus Network Estimation

Pau Bellot, Philippe Salembier, Albert Oliveras-Verges and Patrick E. Meyer

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[Posted on 4:25 PM 07-Dec-2015]


Publication 2015

Our package Netbenchmark is now published in BMC bioinformatics! This is the first journal publication with our lab having both first and last author positions. Congrats Pau Bellot!

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[Posted on 2:14 PM 05-Oct-2015]



Manuel Noll get the prestigious funding 'Aspirant FNRS' allowing him to pursue PhD studies. Congrats!!

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[Posted on 8:32 AM 01-Jul-2015]


Collaboration with the SCKCEN and U Hasselt for a PhD position! - Filled

PhD position at the frontier of microbiology and bioinformatics open at the SCKCEN in Mol, Belgium. The selected candidate will colaborate with the microbiology team of Prof Ann Cuypers at U Hasselt and our ULg BioSys unit. Subject: Radiation resistance of Arthrospira Deadline: 27th of March More info at http://academy.sckcen.be/en/Your_thesis_internship/AllTopics/Mechanisms-of-radiation-resistance-in-Arthrospira-sp-PCC-8005-1141

[Posted on 2:56 AM 17-Mar-2015]


New arrival!

Our unit is proud to receive Manuel Noll from Saarland University (Germany) as a new PhD applicant and to grant him a one year studentship.

[Posted on 6:53 AM 02-Mar-2015]


ULg postdoctoral positions for foreign PhD fellows - Filled (do not apply anymore)

Interested candidates, willing to pursue research in our Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Unit, can send an email to Prof. Patrick Meyer.

[Posted on 9:46 AM 16-Dec-2014]


Our lab attracts a third researcher from abroad

After Pau Bellot (PhD student from Spain), Ngoc Pham Cam (PhD student from Vietnam), our lab is proud to receive a third researcher from abroad: Eoin P. Marron (Bioinformatics student from Ireland).

[Posted on 3:18 AM 27-Nov-2014]


Funded Internship possibility - Filled (do not apply anymore)

Our university offers the possibility to fund your internship in our lab. Meant for foreign PhD students. Deadline mid-december.

[Posted on 7:20 AM 13-Aug-2014]


Publication 2014: connectomics

Pau Bellot's first paper as first author is published in a peer-reviewed ECML workshop! "Efficient combination of pairwise feature networks", Pau Bellot and Patrick E. Meyer, in NCW/ ECML2014 (JMLR workshop), Nancy, France 2014. Congrats!

[Posted on 6:58 AM 14-Jul-2014]


Publication 2014: statistics

First paper of the lab is now published in the statistical journal QTQM! The Rank Minrelation Coefficient. Patrick E. Meyer. Quality Technology & Quantitative Management Vol. 11. 2014. Special Issue on "Graphical Causality Models: Trees, Bayesian Networks and Big Data"

[Posted on 6:27 AM 14-Jul-2014]


PhD student position 2014 - Filled (do not apply anymore)

The Bioinformatics and Systems Biology Unit of Université de Liège (Belgium, www.biosys.ulg.ac.be) is looking for a highly motivated student with programming skills for a PhD thesis project (1+2 years, fully funded) with the goal of designing computational tools that use literature, genomic and structural data in order to infer regulatory and metabolic networks of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii, an important microalgae that has been proposed has a potential source of biofuel and of food. Applicants are invited to send their resume and a recommendation letter to Prof. Patrick Meyer

[Posted on 6:25 AM 14-Jul-2014]

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